Maya ruins in Tulum

Mayan ruins in Tulum… Hardly surprising I discovered the something I truly appreciated in Tulum was the Mayan ruins. When I visit these types of magical places I want peace and quiet – time for ponderings. So it took me several attempts to try to enter. The queue to the area was always far too long for me to put myself through that. If the queue was that long it was probably not for me inside!

Mayan ruins in Tulum

The ruins in Tulum are Mayan ruins, and it is believed the city back in the day might have been called Zama, which means “the city of sunrise”. In the Mayan language Tulúm means: fence, or wall. The ruins in Tulum demonstrate a typical example of what the Mayan architecture looked like on the Yucatán east coast.

When the Europeans and the conquistadors arrived to the New World Tulum was an important trading port, especially when it came to obsidian.

tulum ruins temple of the wind god beach

The building above (and below) is called “Templo Díos del Viento” (“The Temple of the Wind God”), and is probably the most famous building from the Mayan ruins in Tulum. You’ll see it in practically all the pictures from Tulum.

charnette woman taking selfie in front of the temple of wind god

The day I finally managed to get inside I had risen early as hell. What you don’t do to avoid crowds as an introvert? I took my bike, it’s not very far from the centre. When I got there I felt pleased with my decision of getting up earlier than usual. There wasn’t a single soul but me!

The road between the parking place and the entrance is lined with tourist restaurants, shops etc – something similar or maybe even worse than Chichen Itzá. For some reason I did not take a photograph of this spectacle, but to be completely honest it might not have been that bad after all. It was still outside of the area, and once inside, there wasn’t a single salesman in sight.

Alone amongst the ruins…

pathway in tulum silence

To be almost completely alone and walking around in the area was magical. The area is pretty large, and I could easily snap photos without getting a single human being in the frame accidentally. Perfect! 😛

tulum ruins view over the area

Unfortunately I managed to lose my lens cap to my favourite lens! It just took a dive straight down the cliffs and out in the sea. Something that bothered me a lot afterward – I hate when stupid things happen. This was so unnecessary and at the same time, I was also littering. Sure it was unintentional but still annoying. SO pointless!

And now you might understand just how overthinking of a person I am…

To make matters worse I had to put a dishcloth in front of my lens to protect it somehow. I had no idea when I could get a hold of a Canon reseller, or even a shop selling photo gear…

canon camera missing lens protection

Here is where the lens cap just fell straight over the edge…

tulum ruins ocean waves

But, ok, then back to the boat… The Mayan ruins in Tulum… that was a pleasant experience. It felt magical to be almost alone, and there is something quite extra magical about Tulum. The location just on the beach, with the waves just in the background, and since I love the sea, and since I love ruins, how could I not love the Mayan ruins in Tulum?

Magical – 10 out of 10 – do not miss out on this magical place!

tulum ruins hidden beach
















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Maya ruins in Tulum

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