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Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?

-Charles Bukowski

Who am I?

Hey! Welcome! So, here you are… well, I’m “PonderingPadawan” – a crazy cat lady and an introvert, enormously Swedish (although I try my best not to be), who loves travelling, taking photos, writing and cuddling with animals. I’m in my prime, you know, 40+ – soon to be middle aged ๐Ÿ˜€ (or already there?) Life just keeps on keeping on!

Ever since the birth of blogs I’ve wanted to keep a blog, but I’ve never managed to keep one going. Never really found my niche, so when I was blogging they were mostly travel diaries, or anecdotes from my moves to Nepal and later Thailand. Crazy times, and interesting culture shocks; while at the same time having somewhere to show my photos.

All my more serious attempts with blogging just simply fell flat, though. I didn’t want to write mainstream stuff, didn’t want to do trivial travel posts. Neither did I want to become some influencer, doing the same things and taking the same photos as all the other influencers out there, someone showing their photos in a clean feed, where everything looks the same…

I doubted myself for a long time, but now we’re here…

Mainstream girl wasn’t me! No, I wanted/want to be unique (of course – INFJ!), I wanted to write about things that mattered, deeper stuff, but did someone actually want to read that kind of stuff?

What can you find on my blog?

Everything I ponder, everything on my mind, completely messy: personal development, mental/physical health, introversion, animals and other important questions in life. And a lot of photos!

What makes life worth living?

But of course, travel! Travelling is an enormously huge (you see, can’t stress it enough, right?) part of my life, so you’ll find a lot of travel posts. No typical travel posts though, but my usual rants. Thoughts and ponderings about the place I’ve visited. Travel memories will also arise, and anecdotes about the difference between travelling as a 20-year old during the ’90s vs travelling now – as a full grown woman!

I believe everything happens for a reason… and everything is what it is…

PonderingPadawan’s tagline was “get off the hamster wheel” but I’m past that now. When I started my blog I was still surrounded by a constant whining; there I was – running, never getting anywhere. Just recently changed the tagline to “master of overthinking” because this is what I do – constantly overthinking.

Today I strive to live a life connected to my soul.

I feel it is important to be open with the fact that life isn’t always 100%, and that is perfectly fine.

Maybe my words can shed some light in your darkness, help you find your way home. Lessen your loneliness…

My goal with this blog is nothing glorified: “I want to help you”, because I can with all certainty not help you. Buddha once said: We can only help ourselves.

What I want to do is write about my personal journey – the one I’m on with both my soul and my physical body, and hope I can reach you, hope that you can relate and be inspired.

I want to inspire you, to dare you to let out everything you hide inside… Just let it go…

The photographs you see here on PonderingPadawan are my own. I might share some random memes, that are not my own, but apart from that everything is mine. I love to edit photos – a passion of mine – so it might be that I’ve switched a sky here and there. In case you’ll notice… I’d like to make you aware beforehand… ๐Ÿ˜›

“The Owls are not what they seem…”


So, where did that name come from? I don’t even remember when I came up with it, but it was a while back. For those of you who don’t have English as a Mother tongue (I surely don’t) Pondering means “to think really hard” and that’s what I do. Thinking, contemplating, reflecting, searching and basically overthinking EVERYTHING… Before I understood I’m an INFJ, I thought there was something wrong with me.

But there wasn’t, you see! We are all different, as is our processing…

And padawan – well, that’s a Jedi apprentice, every sci-fi fan knows that ๐Ÿ˜‰ and since I am who I am, I see myself as an apprentice of life. According to me, we are all here to learn. Something. What that is, well, that’s totally different depending on your soul… but I believe it’s all about improvement and moving on to your next life and lesson.

Reincarnation? Hell YEAH!

Yes, I believe in reincarnation. Always have. But I’ve got my own variant. For me, there is no nirvana, enlightenment is reward enough, although I haven’t really figured out what I believe will happen once you’ve reached the highest point. Do you ever?

My favourite motto is the Japanese saying: Shikata ga nai – which means “it is what it is” – like there’s nothing you can do about it. You can interpret and twist everything to your liking, and to me, this saying is in complete harmony with my view on life, or my view on destiny.


Everything is predetermined, it is what it is… But you can influence your destiny… so don’t just sit there at home… Go out and do your thing! Be real!

I welcome you to PonderingPadawan – I hope you’ll stay a while! <3

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