About Me

Hey there… so you’ve ended up here… well, I’m “PonderingPadawan” – a cat crazy, introvert Swedish woman, who just loves to be alone, and travel… Camera in hand and laptop under my arm I wander alone around the corners of the world.

I’m in the best years of my life, you know, 40 something – soon to be middle aged 😀





So, padawan is an apprentice, every sci-fi fan knows that 😉 and I see myself as an apprentice of life. According to me we are all here to learn something. And exactly what that is, well, that is different for every soul. We just have to learn as much as possible, before we move on. To our next life.


Pondering – well, yes, that’s a no-brainer, it basically means to ponder, which is what I do and have been doing my entire life. Pondering and wondering, dwelling and searching…


Who is this blog for?


PonderingPadawan is a blog for us ladies, who are not really ready to get sent off to the “home” just yet, for us who are not 20 anymore (and don’t want to go there again), for those of us who perhaps are not living the conventional life we “should” be living as 40+ (or maybe we do!). For us who travel alone and love it, for us introverts who refuse to stand in the naughty corner simply because we are not extroverts, for us who are pondering life, for us who want to follow our passion, but not yet know what our passions are, for us who want to follow our hearts, but are not really there yet, those of us who haven’t really dared to step out of our comfort zone, away from the safety net and into the unknown.


PonderingPadawan’s tagline is “getting off the hamster wheel” and that means this is the year (2019) I really grab my life by the balls and try to live it in a way that makes my soul sing. What it is or will be, you will only find out if you tag along. 🙂


PonderingPadawan is also for all of us who want to find inspiration and meaning in every place, in every action, every thing. Everything happens for a reason… Right?



But there is also an ulterior motive with PonderingPadawan, and that is to give me the chance to practice my writing. As a child I wanted to become an author, but that dream was put to rest as I got older and realised you shouldn’t really want to become anything outside the norm. Instead you should be happy with saleswoman or maybe a job at an office. Jante and all that a Swede is pressured with…


So, my goal with this blog isn’t some glorified: “I want to help you”, because I honestly don’t know if I actually can help you. I don’t even know if anyone can help me. Except me.


Of course, I want to inspire you all, to be brave and let out all of that you’re hiding inside, if I can…


Then what will you find here on PonderingPadawan?


I will share plenty personal stuff about my life, a lot of anecdotes about travelling as a 20-year old in the 90’s, and what it’s like travelling today as 45 anno 2018, I suspect, only because I find so many differences, and differences are fun.


I will not share that many generic posts about places, but more my own angles on everything you read here. 😛 On my old blog I tried to write posts that would “sell” – you know those “10 reasons for this and that yada yada”, but they didn’t come out too well, and I’m not trying to say there’s anything wrong with those type of posts – I read them all the time – but they weren’t me, and what I wrote didn’t sound natural. So, you won’t find too much of that here, if it’s not something I enjoy writing about, like for instance how to behave on an airplane!


Photography + me = love


I will also share plenty of my own photographs, and I can guarantee you will never see one single photo on PonderingPadawan that is not my own. I will however, never ever, show any photos of myself in flowing dresses and large hats sitting (or standing) with my back against the camera, because that is not me either. The few times I take photos of myself – it’s always uncomfortable selfies, because I still feel it’s such an act of narcissism to take a selfie and I feel incredibly stiff doing it, but who knows, when I’m 50 I might have grown out of my insecurities!


To ask someone else to take a photograph of me in front of something I want to immortalize? Help! I rarely do ask people, because then I have to talk to someone… 🙂 And the result is always the strangest of images anyways… Like the above one… or it’s out of focus…




My favourite motto is the Japanese expression: Shikata ga nai – which means “it is what it is” – more or less like “there’s nothing to do about it”. Everything is free for interpretation, and I chose this as my expression many years ago, since I feel it coinsides with my view of life, or destiny. Everything is already decided, it is what it is… but in my world, that doesn’t mean you can’t affect your own destiny – you can either fullfill your destiny or totally miss out.


I know, an INFJ to the backbone, which usually means I’m a walking contradiction…


So to end this long and windy speech about me, myself, and I – I’ve drawn up a list (!) – especially for you. Enjoy!


10 blatantly uninteresting facts about me:

  1. I love animals – all animals (well maybe not spiders, and cockroaches come to think of it, sorry…)
  2. I’m passionately crazy about photography and especially digital photography – all the fun stuff you can come up with in photoshop and such applications – composite photography is my greatest (secret!) passion
  3. I love to travel – it’s as important for me as breathing
  4. I dispise narrowminded people, incompetence, arrogance!
  5. I would never ever drink coffee and drink way too much Coca Cola (on and off)
  6. I’m suffering from several unnecessary ailments, among others a whiplash injury and migraines
  7. I have a hard time making up my mind about what type of music I like the most, since I don’t want to limit myself to one style, thus I’ve heard many times I have the worst taste in music!
  8. I love visiting tropical countries, although I often get annoyed by the sun and heat (migraines – hello!?)
  9. My absolute favourite season is autumn – I love rain!
  10. I simply love cemeteries!


So, a big warm welcome to my blog and my life – I hope you stay a while!