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All about m own photos with my favourite quotes. Like memes, but unique… because they’re mine… and they’re deep…

Wednesday%20Words:%20Benjamin%20Franklin%20quoteWednesday Words: Benjamin Franklin quote

Wednesday Words: Benjamin Franklin quote

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Auschwitz-Birkenau II, Poland, 2019.

Wednesday%20Words:%20Tom%20Hiddleston%20quoteWednesday Words: Tom Hiddleston quote

Wednesday Words: Tom Hiddleston quote

Pondering... these words... Acropolis of Athens, Athens, 2020.

Wednesday%20Words:%20Albert%20Einstein%20quoteWednesday Words: Albert Einstein quote

Wednesday Words: Albert Einstein quote

Pondering... these words... Well, here's another quote from the most misquoted person in the world. So, it's a little bit like ...

Wednesday%20Words:%20Gerard%20Abrams%20quoteWednesday Words: Gerard Abrams quote

Wednesday Words: Gerard Abrams quote

Pondering... these words... Varberg, Sweden, 2018.

Wednesday%20Words:%20A.D.%20Williams%20quoteWednesday Words: A.D. Williams quote

Wednesday Words: A.D. Williams quote

Pondering... these words... Karla/Carla (not sure about the spelling) - the leopard at Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage, Zimbabwe, 2016.

Wednesday%20Words:%20Ralph%20Waldo%20Emerson%20quoteWednesday Words: Ralph Waldo Emerson quote

Wednesday Words: Ralph Waldo Emerson quote

Pondering... these words... Yangshuo, China, 2017.

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