Lafayette no 1, New Orleans

The cemetery Lafayette no 1 was founded 1833 and is located in the Garden District in New Orleans. In some way, this cemetery has carved its special place into my heart, and I haven’t the slightest idea as to why. Am I so shallow to be affected by all the movies recorded here? “Interview with a Vampire”, “Deja Vu”, “Vampire Diaries”, and “The Originals” – to only mention a few…

The number 1 cemetery for me is Lafayette no 1 – without a doubt.

charnette woman taking selfie in lafayette no 1
Happy in Lafayette no 1.

When I made the arrangements for my accommodation in New Orleans – through Airbnb, I made sure it was located in the Garden District – the most beautiful neighbourhood – but also the home of Lafayette no 1. The first thing I did on the first morning was to rush away to the cemetery. Didn’t even have breakfast. I was too eager to get to feel the energy of this magical place.

The cemetery was everything I ever wished for and some…

My first visit I ran into a knowledgable toothless man hanging around. He told me a lot about the cemetery and very interesting stuff indeed. Even though I realised he wouldn’t do this for free I was more than happy to listen to him, because it seemed as if he knew what he was talking about.

At least concerning Lafayette no 1, but who knows.

In the end I gave him 5 dollars. No fortune, but I felt it was enough. I had been warned about these types of scams, but I still appreciated the information he provided, as well as talking to him. Thanks to him I found out the graves below were already in place when they built the cemetery and it is believed they might be another hundred years older.

Maybe untrue, or maybe true.

oldest graves on lafayette no 1
The oldest graves on Lafayette no 1. They don’t even know how old they are, since they were already in the graveyard in 1833. They believe they are from 17th century.

I visited Lafayette no 1 several times after this first time. Usually, I went there early in the morning, to be able to have this place all to myself. I don’t like sharing magical places with other people, and I don’t like taking photos with other people in them. Yes, I know, I’m weird. Many people feel that photos are more interesting when there’s people in them, while I enjoy the deserted look.

Photos of cemeteries with people running around? No! Now, what is magical about that???

woman in white in lafayette no 1
This was magical, though… woman in white… on Halloween…
csi camera crew in dawn in lafayette no 1
One morning I wasn’t alone, and was asked to keep my distance. CSI film crew was there! Wow! So exciting… 😛 I had to take a sneak peek from behind a tree to snap a photo… in secret…


Have you been to Lafayette no 1? Did you fall in love, like I did? Please leave a comment!

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Lafayette no 1, New Orleans

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