Photo of the Month: Tomb Mexico, 2019

Every month I publish a photo which in some way symbolises the passing month. Or it could be a photo of something random that has been occupying my mind lately.

Are you like me and just love to wander around on cemeteries, letting the atmosphere and the magic flow through your body?

This is a beautiful tomb in Mexico. Yes, that’s right – this is a tomb, and not a church. In January 2019 I was travelling in Mexico, and whilst there I ran around several cemeteries. As an INFJ cemeteries are especially magical to me, so every time I’m travelling I make an effort to visit at least one cemetery. Just to kind of get a feel for the place I’m visiting.

Tombs in Mexico are big, that’s what you do – tombs – and you can find all kinds of tombs here – fun, beautiful, crazy, silly. You go to the cemetery to hang out with your loved ones, and quite often you store chairs and other necessary stuff within the tomb, so you don’t have to carry it around every time. Tombs in Mexico are not just as a resting place for the deceased, but also a place for family gatherings.

As I passed by this particular tomb I was struck by its beauty – truly astonishing. You can find it on a cemetery in Mérida, Mexico, and I can really recommend a visit if you’ve got a few hours to kill.




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Photo of the Month: Tomb Mexico, 2019

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