Cemeteries in New Orleans, USA

Running around on graveyards or cemeteries is somewhat of a weird passion for me. As soon as I'm visiting a place I usually make sure to visit some cemetery. There's so much energy here, so much to learn from a culture, just by wandering around among the people's graves...

All the magical cemeteries in New Orleans has probably not gone unnoticed. One of the reasons why I wanted to visit New Orleans was of course all these cemeteries. They all looked so magical on the tv-screen, so when I had the chance to visit the US I had to visit the cemeteries in New Orleans… And also get the possibility to feel all this magic.

There isn’t that much to write in this post, it’s all about the photos. In New Orleans, you can find amazing graves and tombs. There are wild speculations as to why they are burying above ground in the cemeteries in New Orleans since this is not the norm in the rest of the US.

Tombs are not unusual in Spanish-speaking countries, so in my mind, it all depends on where the settlers came from…

So far I’ve seen so many beautiful tombs here in Mexico, which supports my theory. Visiting St Louis no 1 we were told that many believe the tomb building came from the frequent floodings in New Orleans, but yeah, who knows…

I visited many cemeteries in New Orleans, sometimes several on the same day.

One day I visited 4 cemeteries and that was slightly too much. These 4 – Greenwood, Metairie, Cypress Grove, and St Patrick – are all next to each other, so that’s why I plowed through them all the same day. You’ll also find Katrina Memorial in this area. Both Greenwood and Metairie are enormously large cemeteries, so when I got to Cypress Grove and St Patrick I was full. Fed up with graves. I hardly snapped one single photo. I don’t even know which photo is from Cypress Grove or St Patrick – this is how bored I was.

Metaire is a cemetery for anyone who likes flashy statement graves!

Metairie was remarkable since the graves were extreme – extravagant and luxurious. They also had a pet cemetery, but that was in a remote corner at the other end of the cemetery, so I never got to that one. As usual, I hadn’t brought enough water so I didn’t have the energy. It wasn’t as if the shops were plenty either – so I couldn’t even buy any water anywhere.

But, I got to explore the cemeteries in New Orleans, if not all of them – there are after all 45!

Although I suppose that’s fine – you’ll never be finished with a place you really like… <3



Have you visited cemeteries in New Orleans? Which one is your favourite? Please leave a comment!

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French Quarter, New Orleans, USA
Cemeteries in New Orleans, USA

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