Pandemic – thoughts on 2020 & 2021

Since the 11th of March 2020 the world is in a state of pandemic… Just a few days before the WHO declared a pandemic I was visiting Athens, and when landing back home I felt confused… Had the whole world gone completely nuts? Why was everybody in such a hysterical state about this so-called covid-19 when the death rates were no higher than for the regular flu? I didn’t get it, and this feeling would linger for the rest of the year of 2020…

And what was all this fuss about “Never going back to normal!”???

I wrote a status update on Facebook where I expressed my concerns had everybody gone mad? But apart from that I wasn’t particularly open about my opinions. Usually I find no joy/satisfaction in opening up on social media. Even though I only share with friends, some are apparently not my true friends and can be so hateful, and close-minded, and it only makes me sad. I am all for meaningful discussions, but there has to be mutual respect. Just because I don’t share your opinion doesn’t mean I’m an idiot.

What you would like to say to me on social media you should also be able to say to my face!

During spring of 2020 I read between the lines and most people seemed to share my opinion, but all of a sudden – it came from nowhere – everything changed, and I seemed to end up in some kind of minority. Social media turned more aggressive for each day, and the hatred for dissidents just exploded.

Dissidents… as in we who thought the restrictions were totally out of proportion to the death tolls, we who thought the world had gone completely mad shutting down to protect a small vulnerable part of the population, and hide from a tiny tiny virus. As if that were even possible…

Questioning the restrictions was not OK. At all!

You would think I’ve “learned” something after having been the annoying questioning asshole on my previous work, from which I was fired (maybe that’s why I got fired… ahaaa… maybe? Who knows…). But hell no, I haven’t learned a thing. I still question everything and hopefully I will do just that until the day I die!

The solution was clear (at least to me): protect the vulnerable, but leave the rest of us be…

Many times I’ve gotten the question: “What could we have done differently?” The answer is so simple, if you actually take a second and think about it. Are you kidding me? We should’ve done what we always have been doing during flu times. Keep society open – business as usual – and protect the vulnerable. Every time I uttered these, in many ears, nonsense words, people stared at me in horrid contempt, calling me “spoiled” and “selfish”. Did I not care that people were dying all around me?

Yes, I absolutely do care that people are dying. A death is always tragic for those left behind. But people are dying EVERY SINGLE DAY. We are supposed to die, we are not meant to survive death. We need to stop saying stupid stuff like “if I die…” and replace these words with facts like “when I die…”

From the day we are born we are slowly moving forward to our deaths, and surprise people, but no one is getting away here. This is a given. What’s wrong in this equation is that you are sacrificing young healthy humans in some twisted “heroic” action thinking you’re saving others!

Is it truly ok that people are dying of the restrictions or the “vaccine” when they might not have died from the disease you were supposed to protect them from?

It won’t help the people who died from the disease, nor their families, that we sacrifice others who didn’t have to die! Hasn’t this even occurred to people? Or are you just fine sacrificing human beings as long as they’re not “your” people…

Is it truly ok for a modern society to focus singlehandedly on 1 disease, when there are so many more things a society should focus on? When there are so many more diseases, even worse, we should focus on too? Is it really ok to stop all treatments and just pretend like there is only one disease in the entire world?

This pandemic has from the start been nothing but a class issue.

This is plain and simple rich man’s panic! We’re sitting here in our privileged part of the world, working from home, keeping social distance, spitting hateful words on the daily wage workers, or the people who can’t work from home, who “don’t take responsibility”. We’re sitting here judging people for wanting to feed their own children, and laughing spitefully when they are fined hundreds of dollars for trying to get food for their children during lockdown.

We don’t care – AT ALL – about all the people subjected to abuse in their homes while locked up 24/7 with their predators, we close our eyes (and hearts) to those committing suicide because they can no longer deal with the situation, shrug our shoulders at all the kids who are missing out on valuable education, and the businesses going under – who cares? – I mean… because we can take it. “It is only fair that 100 small businesses will go under, because my grandmother/husband/cousin died, and that’s that!”

I ask you – who is the spoiled one?

And then you have the indecency to scold people who don’t follow what you yourself feel is right and proper, and accuse them of being selfish! A survival rate of over 99% can hardly justify what we’re doing to poorer countries! We’re letting the children in 3rd world countries starve to death, because we have shut the borders – no help, no food, no medicine getting through, all while we are trembling behind closed curtains in our locked homes.

Even our dying elders are locked up and forced to die all alone, because we are afraid of infecting them!? What the holy frack! They are dying! Are there no limits for this hysteria?

In what way are we acting humanely here? Please enlighten me!

You also hate on people who are actively going out to protest – a right that has been taken from us. If we protest against the “wrong” things that is. In Sweden some things are still ok to protest against, because it is important to realise this is a smart virus, it can absolutely tell the difference between causes!

The people, who are fighting for your rights, are seen as “spoiled”. These people are for crying out loud fighting for your right to be free! For your right to decide over your own life, your own body!

pandemic thoughts history repeats itself

“Is it really important in these times to fight for the right to protest? People are dying!”

“Why are you doing this, during a pandemic? Why are you going out on the streets, risking other people’s lives?” Yeah, well, and so… what is the correct answer here? This: they are doing it because they feel it is important, because this is what they believe in. As far as I’m concerned, they are only putting themselves at risk, not others. “Well, they might take up someone’s spot on ICU.” Yes, but no, just no!

There are also all kinds of people, all kinds of views meeting up at these protests – some don’t believe the virus exists, and some believe the risk is exaggerated, considering you have over 99% chance to survive!

And neither has there been any surges of deaths to speak of after the protests. If someone is scared or is considered vulnerable, then this person needs to make up their own mind and stay home! You cannot lock down a whole community – whole countries – a whole world – just for the sake of justice. For the injustice that only some people need to stay home? Right? Should we really crush small businesses simply just because we don’t want to single out the vulnerable? Everything has to be equal right…?

So in the end, this whole pandemic is all about the ego.

The most important thing must be that we – the rich, privileged spoiled excuses for human beings survive! We, who actually can work from home, and actually “are responsible”, we – who wear the face masks, even though they are not effective, but we do it in order to lull people into a false sense of security, we – who take the “vaccine” just simply so other people will look at us and see that we “take one for the team” and we are there for everyone, we know how to make a sacrifice!

We – who do whatever our authorities order and command us, not questioning anything! Not doing any research on our own, simply because we trust that the people in power and big tech/pharma/whatever with their money agenda simply just want what’s best for us. We understand this, so without any consequential thinking we throw our rights overboard, the same rights the previous generations have fought themselves bloody for, died for. We just want some false sense of security, so we don’t care about rights. And we gladly sacrifice it for something we have over 99% chance of surviving!

And then you have the audacity to call me selfish!

There are so many things I could call you, but I don’t, because I feel this “divide and conquer”-scheme the media and the authorities have been going on all over the world is both dangerous and horrible, and it is most definitely not contributing to a better world. We are all the same – we are all human beings and to point out someone who follows their own heart, as evil, does not help anybody.

The panic and knowing I can’t change or better the situation has thrown me into a deep black hole filled with anxiety.

This whole last year of 2020 was completely black! I am not selfish – on the contrary. I feel everyone’s pain! The anxiety and hopelessness that many people feel today, is something I can understand better than many might think. Because I feel it. Every day. There is no escape. Everything is crashing down, everything we know and everything that is familiar. The world we know is suddenly pulled away from under our feet and we can’t do anything but clinging on to whatever straw we can find in this shit storm. But what does it matter, we – who are crushed, smashed and buried with mental problems in this hysteria – we are not that important…

Because the most important thing in this world is the virus and its victims!

It often seems to me that the general public conveniently has forgotten it wasn’t that long ago we had another fake pandemic; the swine flu of 2009. Somehow, though, it got interrupted, and everything just quietly slithered away. A couple of years after, many people critiqued the authorities’ reactions, on the grounds it was all for money. Even though the scare tactics were propaganda level 1000, there were no lockdowns during the swine flu.

We did have a pandemic about 10 years ago, but even so, many people today feel the need to remind everyone about current affairs: “Hey!? We’re in a pandemic!”. As if it was something unique, and as if a real pandemic truly needed just that – spoken and written reminders!

Pandemics come and go…

Something important to keep in mind in regards to this story is that the witch hunt for us who refused the vaccine that time was horrible – compared to anything you’ve seen before. However, it was in no way close to what is going on today with people refusing the mRNA. Not in the slightest. A few years after the swine flu “pandemic” authorities admitted the vaccine wasn’t all that great. Many children got lasting side effects, such as narcolepsy. Amongst other conditions, or side effects.

Now I’ve noticed many people believe this was an acceptable loss, after all only a small part of the population was sacrificed here…

That makes me question where your empathy is now? Would you have had the same beliefs had it been your child cursed with this nasty condition, having to suffer for the rest of their life? Aren’t you the selfish one when you believe it’s ok to sacrifice some for a vaccine, but it’s not ok to sacrifice some for a disease?

So, this is my reasoning… a disease is natural. Vaccine is not. Vaccines SHOULD be 100% safe, they are not. I’ve taken lots of vaccines in my days, and in adulthood, I’ve also taken a few for diseases that actually wouldn’t have killed me, just made me slightly uncomfortable. That is however nothing I’m willing to do anymore! My immune system will hereby deal with all these diseases.

I’ve been abruptly made aware that my thoughts about 2020 & 2021 are somewhat controversial, uncomfortable and even provocative, but we need to ask the hard questions… Have the restrictions been of use or have they destroyed? Have they been completely useless or have they been useful – in spite of those falling victim for them? And how much has the “vaccine” actually killed or maimed people, who otherwise would be alive?

These are important questions, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to ask them, or why you would deny they even exist.

How you can think everything’s been done correctly is for me completely unfathomable…



What are your thoughts on the “pandemic”? Feel free to leave a comment, but please, just skip the hate!

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Pandemic – thoughts on 2020 & 2021

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