Cats in Athens, Greece

<em>En kise chillar även här...</em>

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

Cats in Athens? Oh, yes, there are plenty. So, it’s probably not a secret that I love animals!? And if it is, I’ve been really lousy in presenting myself here on my blog… Sharing photos of the sweet furry friends I meet while out travelling is a way for me to remember them, to honour them.

For instance, in Mexico – Teotihuacán – I met a really lovely friend, and I had the honour of getting to hang out with her the entire day. In Istanbul, I usually run into all kinds of cuties. And the Greeks in Athens, just like the Turks in my favourite Turkish city, also put out food and water to all the cats, dogs and birds.

There was almost limitless cuddles whenever and wherever you felt like it; the cats in Athens weren’t at all shy. Most of them were pretty bold, but it might be because the locals feed them. They weren’t actually strays, not at all feral.

Lovely to see.

Feeding the cats by your table wasn’t at all as frowned upon in Greece as in Asia. At least in Athens I wasn’t scolded for feeding the cats and dogs, which is something that happens to me all the time in Thailand… 😛

Sorry (!?) to say, but I didn’t really see that many dogs. Not more than these 2 anyway… the cutest puppy I’ve met in a long time – he was to be found at my hairdresser’s, an ex beach bum. The below sleeping dog was thoroughly enjoying Acropolis’ relaxing aura… He seemed to share my opinion that it was indeed the best place in the world!

cute puppy

dog sleeping


PS – quote above: “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” true words by Anatole France.


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Ancient ruins in Athens, Greece
Cats in Athens, Greece

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