Abu Simbel – Photo of the Year 2018

Every year on the 28:th of December I publish a photo, which in one way or another symbolises the passing year. The highlight of the year, a magical moment, or just something special I remember, the memory of which I cherish.

The Photo of the Year 2018 is a photo from Abu Simbel, Egypt 2018. The trip to Egypt was in several ways a big, magical event for me. The visit to Abu Simbel was, if possible, even more magical. I was basically all alone at Abu Simbel. It was 49 degrees Celsius (120 Fahrenheit) and I hadn’t brought enough water – as usual!

The guard gave me the key to the temple!

A guard – bored to death – at the big temple gave me the key to the temple, which is made to look like an Ankh. And yes, it was as heavy as it looks!

Then the guard had me posing in several positions parroting an Egyptian God 😀 I was braving on like a soldier and he seemed so pleased with his contribution…

It was exactly as awkward as it seems! Hello? Introvert!

When all’s over, it’s kind of funny having these photos , even though they are yucky! 😛 And I absolutely don’t mind sharing my most awkward moments with the world… 😉 I’ll let you enjoy that!


charnette woman posing with key abu simbel

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Abu Simbel – Photo of the Year 2018

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