Photo of the Month: Milo <3

Every month I publish a photo which in some way symbolises the passing month. Or it could be a photo of something random that has been occupying my mind lately.

cat in the grass black and white photo

The Photo of the Month this time is my beloved furry cat friend Milo, who unfortunately couldn’t stay with us for long. He got sick, and they couldn’t help him in time. I failed him.

This month of February it’s been 5 years since he left us, only 2 years of age, but I will forever miss him, my little tiny cat who thought he was a dog. When he was born I held him in my hand, he was so tiny. I buried him in the yard together with the rest of the missed and beloved furry friends.

May you rest in peace until we meet again!

kitten lying in a persons hand

Milo, you are truly missed! <3

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Photo of the Month: Milo

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