Cemeteries in Mexico

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The cemeteries in Mexico are completely different from cemeteries in Sweden. They are colourful and full of life – oddly enough. In some way I feel the cemeteries in Mexico are truly mirroring Mexican life, which is also colourful and full of energy. In Mexico they honour life, and those who have moved on are still with us. This is the reason why you often see both chairs and tables stored in the tombs.

You come to the cemeteries to hang out with your dead relatives, quite simply.

cemeteries in mexico

Visiting cemeteries in Mexico sometimes made me feel like I was in a theme park. All the colours and the fun little details everywhere… The cemeteries in Mexico just seemed to be a part of daily life, and that was a nice feeling.

Since it seemed to be the norm using tombs, there was some similarities between the graves I visited in New Orleans, at least that was my opinion. In Sweden we’re no longer spoiled with tombs since they would be too expensive. In other countries people seem to be more willing to pay this hefty sum for the afterlife. Or maybe it’s just cheaper with great tombs in other countries, I don’t know. Anyone who does know is welcome to share a comment.

charnette woman taking selfie on merida cemeteries in mexico
Taking a break in the shade at Mérida cemetery a very hot day.

Some graves moved me more than others, of course, and a couple of the graves in Playa del Carmen brought tears down my cheeks. Even if I do believe in reincarnation and I’m convinced we will see each other again (at least you will meet those you belong with), it’s still a horrible loss to lose someone in this life. Knowing you will never get to hug them again. That’s why it moves me when there are such beautiful gestures like below…

Cemeteries in Mexico – Hermelinda Juan Castillo

A mother, truly missed… The mother “says”:

If you’re visiting my grave one day, do not cry. Imagine I’m asleep and you’re visiting me with your soul, I will hug you through the wind, kiss you through the rain, sing for you in silence, never believe I am gone, because that… is when I will truly be dead.

castillo grave playa del carmen painted woman cemeteries in mexico
Playa del Carmen
poem on grave in playa del carmen cemeteries in mexico
“When my mother left this earth… I felt pain and helplessness knowing she was no longer with me… but she had given me such memories, experiences and lessons in my life so I know she has not truly left me.”


A small girl’s grave…

The family had put up some Christmas decor and the song “Let it snow” was on constant repeat. To see the girl’s happy face on the card was painful, and I thought of the family losing this little life. How incredibly sad.

girl's grave in playa del carmen christmas decorations cemeteries in mexico

Other children…

There’s no doubt children’s graves are extra moving. You would have to be one hard ass if you’re not thinking that life is extra unfair when children are not meant to stay with us. I have no children of my own, but can still not imagine any worse pain than losing your child. That is so unnatural and wrong.

child's grave in playa del carmen spiderman cemeteries in mexico
Playa del Carmen
child's grave in san cristobal de las casas cemeteries in mexico
San Cristobal de las Casas

The images in the gallery above are from Mérida, Playa del Carmen, Sayulita, San Cristobal de las Casas and the images below are from Convent of San Bernadino in Valladolid. I included them here, even if I feel they don’t really belong here in this post.

San Bernadino is a convent from 1552, and was built by the Francisan order, which is a Catholic mendicant order – meaning one of the 6 religious orders founded during the 13th century.

san bernadino convent valladolid stuff

view over san bernadino convent

corridor in san bernandino convent valladolid

grave stone san bernadino convent

graves inside san bernadino convent

If you’re in Valladolid I do feel you should pay a visit. There is so much to see in this area and on the walk from here to the centre. So go for it!



Have you visited any cemeteries in Mexico? What is your opinion? Please leave a comment!

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Cemeteries in Mexico

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