Ponderings about the world today… 2021… 2 years later…

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Oh, well, where to begin? I had some ponderings, and wrote them down in another post from March 2021… and well it feels like it exploded about a million times since then. A while ago I started to feel enough is enough. But even so, it just keeps on getting worse, more and more shit just getting thrown at you, like if the mental capacity of one’s psyche is limitless.

As if humans can just keep on taking it indefinitely.

I started to speak out more and more on my social media – got scolded, trashed, puked on, but there was so much beauty behind the scenes. So many people wrote to me, pouring their hearts out. I thought I was alone, but speaking out made me realise there are many of us out there. So I will continue to speak from my heart and my soul. If you don’t want to read it then don’t. If you don’t want to see it then close your eyes. Everything is voluntary here on my blog.

We find ourselves in an unparalleled situation. It is new and it is uncomfortable. And there doesn’t seem to be a way out. Except for the path leading straight through the black hole…

Maybe we’ll get out on the other side in a bright landscape, maybe we’ll get out in a pitch black bombed out landscape, maybe we won’t even get out at all.

Some people don’t see the danger. We, who are seeing the danger, are called out as selfish right-wing extremists and hysterical tin foil hats. Both labels are so far from the truth as you can get. But in the eagerness to divide and conquer it’s a pretty ingenious move to label people as right-wing extremists because the general population loathes right-wing extremists. Well, the general population loathes everything divergent, but still…

To constantly scream danger makes you tired.

Running around on the streets like Cassandra isn’t particularly uplifting… Just like she was you’re constantly dismissed. As some crazy mental patient – a conspiracy theorist! Everything I and others have been talking about, warned you about, is happening. Right in front of everyone’s eyes. Still, people just keep on keeping on, pretending it’s all chill. This is okay, this is all normal.

No worries, it’s all good – as usual, you’re just exaggerating!

Well, yes, all of my life I have been hearing I’m exaggerating – the downside of being an empath, it always gets “too much”. Feelings running amok pretty much all the time… But people wishing the life out of other people quite simply because they haven’t joined the group shouldn’t be viewed as okay, now should it? 2021 it seems to be pretty much okay, and completely normal. Because it is normal, you have to understand the fear they’re feeling. I have to?

Do you really have to understand someone who encourages discrimination?

People who grew up in a democratic and free society are standing there expressing all out in the open that if one doesn’t do what the authorities tell you to do about you know what you should be excluded from society! Without feeling the slightest bit of shame these words just seem to burst out of their mouths, these people who are so spoiled having grown up in a completely free society.

They have never been forced to fight for neither freedom nor their rights and have no idea what it really means to throw away what previous generations have died for!

It seems all of a sudden it’s cool to show others you’re afraid of the same thing everyone else is afraid of. And what people are most afraid of are embracing each other, accepting one another, regardless of views and life choices. Unabashedly you’re standing up for discrimination, although not for those with medical excuses. That would be politically incorrect and everyone knows they’re not infectious anyway!

Everyone knows it’s those morons NOT WANTING to that are infectious… of course.

As far as I know I still pay taxes and shouldn’t be excluded from society depending on what I decide to do with my body. In the same way, I shouldn’t have to pay my hospital bill in full since I PAY TAXES!

It seems fair for a society to have certain demands for their population to fulfil, but I just happen to be born into this one. Not a choice I actually made. Not a conscious one anyway. Besides the demands seem to have changed. Had it been obvious from the start it would’ve been different. Like so many others I have lived here my entire life and contributed as well. Where will I go? Am I truly not welcome here in the society I have called “home” for 48 years?

Do we really want to create such a cold society?

It pisses me off and I feel so disappointed when people are choosing to stand on the segregation side. How spoiled are you? Don’t you understand what you’re opening up to? Don’t you understand where it will all end? Don’t you understand this is not going to end with just 2 doses, but as time passes it will increase, as will the demands on what you’re expected to do to be a part of the society?

Don’t you understand what a completely unempathetic society this will create?

At the moment I’m feeling incredibly heartbroken. A society where I felt I belonged has all of a sudden crashed and been replaced by a tyrannically harsh climate where my fellow human beings are pointing me out, sending me to the pillory for not complying. Next time you might the one not complying…

Can you truly stand there claiming you have acted according to what is morally right? Can you truly look your children in their eyes while you’re explaining to them you sacrificed their freedom because you were afraid of something you have over 99 % chance to survive? If you’re under 60 there’s a bigger risk you’ll get killed in a car accident, but I haven’t seen you leave the car at home…

Can you truly look your children in their eyes while explaining you were so afraid of those thinking differently, so you cheered on the exclusion of them?

If you can, and you have no doubts about your decisions of sacrificing other human beings, I’d still like to ask you to remember other people in our history who were just “following orders” or “complying”. How do we view them today?

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Ponderings about the world today… 2021… 2 years later…

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