Photo of the Month: Lynx, Nordens Ark, Sweden

Every month I publish a photo which in some way symbolises the passing month. Or it could be a photo of something random that has been occupying my mind lately.

lynx posing at nordens ark sweden

During the summer I visited Nordens Ark, a popular wildlife park just north of here. I was studying a uni course on zoos, so I needed to do a paper about a zoo. I chose Nordens Ark, since I was curious about how good they actually are. Beneath it all…

I passed by the lynx (wildcat) enclosure several times (don’t even know how many) during my 3 days there, but I never got to see any of them. There were supposed to be 3 of them, but I started to question if it was a fraud. They are truly shy creatures, that is true, but still. Just an hour before going back home, I thought I’d test my luck one last time. I passed  by, hoping for one small peek. The lynx on the photo was just sitting there, posing for quite a long time. I was really lucky! They are such beautiful animals, and this one gorgeous!


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Photo of the Month: Lynx, Nordens Ark, Sweden

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