Wednesday Words: Bruce Lee

This time the quote of this week comes from none other than the martial arts hero Bruce Lee.



I’ve always had the opinion that you should not wish for an easy life, or wish for your children to have an easy life. Easy lives usually mean the people in question are empty, superficial or egomaniacs.


And yes, I’m well aware of the fact that I’m generalising right now.


Humans usually function in a way that if they haven’t gone through a particular thing she doesn’t understand other people’s struggles. Besides, if you’re never experiencing anything problematic it gets harder once you will have to. Because no matter how an easy life you have, no life is completely devoid of tragedy.


That is why I believe, childless though I am, it’s extremely important to not be a helicopter parent. You have to let your children hurt themselves, or get burned (maybe not intentional!). Because if not, they won’t learn anything. If you constantly take care of them, drive them around, and just fix everything for them, how will they be okay when you’re gone?


The best you can do for your children is to teach them to get by on their own.


Bruce Lee was a very wise man, and as always, the world lost him far too early, which often happens with such genieses. He was so much more than a movie star recording martial arts films. This here quote surely proves he was slightly more…


The photo is taken in Tulum, Mexico – a superficial, little village which used to be so much more… in another life.



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