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All about photos that somehow symbolise my month: where did my thoughts go, what did I do,… or a blast from the past… 

Photo%20of%20the%20Month:%20Istanbul,%20TurkeyPhoto of the Month: Istanbul, Turkey
Photo%20of%20the%20Month:%20White%20mushroom%20in%20naturePhoto of the Month: White mushroom in nature
Photo%20of%20the%20Month:%20Rabnestøl,%20NorwayPhoto of the Month: Rabnestøl, Norway
Photo%20of%20the%20Month:%20Ales%20stenar,%20SwedenPhoto of the Month: Ales stenar, Sweden
Photo%20of%20the%20Month:%20Oak%20Alley%20Plantation,%20NOLA,%20USAPhoto of the Month: Oak Alley Plantation, NOLA, USA
Photo%20of%20the%20Month:%20Gamla%20Stan,%20Stockholm,%20SwedenPhoto of the Month: Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden
Photo%20of%20the%20Month:%20South%20Beach%20Miami,%20USAPhoto of the Month: South Beach Miami, USA
Photo%20of%20the%20Month:%20Tomb%20Mexico,%202019Photo of the Month: Tomb Mexico, 2019

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