Wednesday Words: Cobain

Today I’m delivering a photo from Yangshuo, China, 2017. It was an almost horrible experience for me getting all the way to the top of Laohzai in Xingping.


My face all red (almost the same colour as my jacket!), but happy I’d gotten there, I stand here pondering. The quote – by Mr Kurt Cobain himself – is fitting the image well.


I don’t believe he needs a further presentation, but just in case, he was an extremely talented man, and as so many other talented people he was tormented by life and left us all too soon. The singer and front man of Nirvana…


I think it is very important to be real! Sure, you can idolize and admire other people – that’s always healthy, but don’t go too far, don’t be a copy cat, but be real, be you!


So, here I stand, proud to be totally worthless when it comes to exercising (something I need to improve – I know!), but still… proud to have gotten to the top!


Be proud of who you are – nobody has been through exactly the same as you have!



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