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Photo of the Year 2018

So, my last post of “Photo of the Month” will also be “Photo of the Year 2018”, since it’s now December and the last month of 2018.



The plan has, so far, been to every month the 28th post a photo which in some way represents the month I’ve been through. We’ll see what that will develop into. The main idea has been for the photo to represent the passing month, but knowing myself right it will probably be harder as I go, to every month have a photo representing my month, so I’ll probably be digging deeper into the past to find something useful.


Egypt, Abu Simbel – Photo of the Year 2018


This first time I’m giving you a photo from Egypt – from the magical Abu Simbel. The trip to Egypt was in several ways a somewhat large, magical experience for me in 2018.


I was basically all alone at Abu Simbel while I was there. It was almost 50 degrees Celsius (122 F) and I didn’t bring enough water – wasn’t that odd!


A bored guard by the Great Temple decided to “take care of me”, giving me a helping hand with my camera. I mean look at this stiff tourist – too awkward to pose herself right!


He handed me the key to the temple – and yes, it’s just as heavy as it looks – and put me into different positions to look like an Egyptian god. 😀 Oh yes, I did some protesting at first, but they didn’t pay off. He was quite insistant!


And oh yes, it was every bit as akward as it looks!


Being an introvert and having a complete stranger taking your photo – well, talk about torture! But I soldiered on and he seemed happy with his effort, sacrificing himself for this poor tourist…


They are kind of amusing photos to have, even though they’re horrible! 😛 And I don’t mind sharing my most akward moments with the entire world… 😉


So this one’s on me! Enjoy! The Photo of the Year 2018!



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