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2018 – a year of travel and soul searching

2018 – a year of travel and soul searching

No, I didn’t plan on writing a post about all the wonderful travels I’ve made, or all the marvellous (?) things that has happened to me during 2018. You know, THAT obligatory post…



Then I realised I rather did want to acknowledge 2018 in some way. Because even though it’s from some point of views actually was a horrible year, I’ve done several travels to several places I’ve never visited before.


That awesome deed must be acknowledged, right? 🙂


I also feel that I’ve gotten a bit further on the way with getting to know myself better and know where I’m heading…


I love calendars and organisation and this one spoke to ME! That was so obvious!


Just before and shortly after New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 I noticed that many of my friends and those I follow on social media felt the year had been pure shite! Isn’t that exciting!


And here I was, pondering about, thinking I was in some way special…


So, what did happen to me this awful year then? What was so terrible? I might as well start from the beginning, and I will really try and not be lenghty… Yeah, right!? You’re not buying that, are you??


2018 – what did you want? What was the point of you?




The year started off kind of lame with me hammering my iPhone 6 to death, which is rather unusual for me; I have never before broken a phone. NYE 2017 – 15 minutes before 12 – that’s when I managed this accomplishment.


Should have given me a hint as to how this year would continue…


The whole thing might have been part of me having my eyes set on an iPhone X for quite some time too… it MIGHT have affected me handling my beloved device so recklessly… Just sayin’!


And then life went on. I had just gotten home after a 3 month stay in China where I had practiced Tai Chi, and had accupuncture regularly. Both had done wonders for my random ailments.


The harbour in Grenå, Denmark, went under an ice invasion in February and I have never seen anything like it – such intense beauty…


Of course I wanted to plan my next trip. Even if noone had a clue where it would go. Or when it would happen.




The first trip I made 2018 went to Egypt. I had a sudden impulse I needed to see Egypt’s magical ruins (including the pyramids, of course…). I booked one of those all inclusive trip last minute – I know, so not me, right! – to Hurghada.


Hurghada: was seriously stunned over the horrible misery which is their everyday life in Egypt. A misery so unfathomable, so unlike anything I’ve seen before.



I consider myself a pretty seasoned traveler, I’ve seen a lot of crap during the 25 years I’ve traveled. In Egypt though, I felt like a blue-eyed little girl who’s lived her entire life in a safe haven, and finally for the first time is roaming the world.


I felt like Siddharta walking outside his palace for the first time.


I saw a couple of kids playing in that awful environment on the streets – one of them had what looked like a pyjamas on, he was dirty and torn, and barefoot. Barefoot on a street full av broken glass and all kinds of rubbish, but he was just as pleased.


Reminded me of Mahatma Gandhi (as well as my friend Helena!):


I cried because I had no shoes. Then I met a man who had no feet…


Despite the misery and the uncomfortable feeling it awoke within me, I managed to see and appreciate quite a lot. I got to see the pyramids. I flew to Cairo and had a speed sightseeing with a female (!) guide, which was a big deal for me, since Hurghada seemed completely deprived of all Egyptian women.



Onwards I flew to Aswan, which was a completely different Egypt – green, lush and beautiful. It felt more like a tropical paradise and as if the city/province had a little bit more money than the rest. But that might have been pure imagination as well.



I huffed and I puffed in the hottest weather I ever had to endure (49 degrees Celsius!/120 F) – out in the desert at Abu Simbel. Then I moved on to Luxor, which I hastily hurried through before it was time to get back to Hurghada and back home.



Back home again I focused solely on work – as usual.



During 2017 and half of 2018 I had more and more felt as if something was wrong with me. I wasn’t “as one should be”. Then I got a book recommendation from a friend/colleague: “Introvert – the friendly takeover” by Linus Jonkman.


All of a sudden the pieces fell in place and I knew who I was!


There was nothing wrong with me – I was just introvert. To get this insight (which, to be honest, I already knew, but was reluctant to fully accept) and completely embrace it was such a huge relief. I became interested in different personality types, did the MBTI test and got the result INFJ. It was now all perfectly clear!


As the classic INFJ I cried when I read the result (apparantly we do that!) – it was so accurate!





I usually don’t pose like this, but when you’re in the beautiful city of Istanbul it’s hard to not get swept away and feel just as pretty as the city… 😮


This year I spent my birthday in a city I’ve wanted to visit for years – Istanbul, and it was really love at first sight for me and the “turk”.


A beautiful mix of the new, hyper modern and the loveliest mosques.



To see the wonder Hagia Sophia has been a dream for me for years, and now I have. However, I was somewhat disappointed, because they’re in the midst of a major restoration. The restoration is expected to be ready 2020, which is when I’M expecting to revisit!




Vacation in the US & Mexico to round up the year


You could say I finished the year with a bang. A mental crash, so to speak, but also a trip to New Orleans, for 2 weeks before I moved on to Mexico for 3 months. I wanted a more spiritual/deeper kind of trip, hence the choice of New Orleans…



From the beginning I had planned a road trip in the US, but skipped those plans when it got awkward at work, and instead I shortened my trip. Coming to Mexico was more of a coincidence really, but in spite of the expensive price tags at Riviera Maya I still feel it was a lucky coincidence (come now, there are NO coincidences!).


New Orleans was lovely, and I stayed in an AirBnB house in the Garden District – a very beautiful neighbourhood with houses a few hundred years old.


My favourite pastime in NOLA – visiting the cemeteries…



I bought books, I bought crystals and I felt as if I grew more during these 2 weeks, than I have at home during the last 10 years. NOLA was really spot on, on all levels!


In exactly the right moment, too, considering the mental crash…


NYE – I spent the evening quietly and calmly with loads of contemplation in the magical village of Tulum, Mexico.


The photos don’t always turn out great when you’re posing alone and have no idea what you’re doing, and you’re not really that influencer-coolish… 😉 


For me, 2018, has been a somewhat good year as regards to travels, but it hasn’t only been physical travels during the year, but my soul and my mind have also made a huge journey together. I’m definitely not the same person who happened to smash her phone 1 year ago. Not in the slightest.


I know, I did not mention anything about that really horrible thing which was supposedly affecting me. But well, I guess a lady need to keep some things for herself. I’m not really ready to divulge all of my demons just yet, so you just have to trust me when I say it hasn’t been THAT fun…


I do feel ok though; isn’t this how we all want to end a year? Having grown and getting just the tiniest bit closer to that person we at least think we’re destined to become… that person we just long to get to know for real! And if everything’s always fun and perfect – how are we going to evolve or grow??


How did you experience 2018? Was it as terrible as many other felt, or was it one of those “in-between-years”, the best year you’ve had or what was it really? Don’t be shy, now, please leave a comment.


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